Saraswati Day



Today,  1st August 2009 is Saraswati Day. Saraswati day is a knowledge day of Hindu’s. This event is celebrated every 210 days on Saturday, Umanis Watugunung (Balinese Calendar).  Saraswati in Hindu known as The Goddess of knowledge. Saraswati symbolized by beautiful woman, has 4 hands. Hold a Genitri (chain) mean: the knowledge never end, A Guiter mean: that science develops through the growth of culture, Lontar (Balinese Traditional Book) mean: the source of knowledge, and palm leaf   Stand on white swan. The white swan is a symbol of prudence. Saraswati Day is a special celebration for students. They celebrate Saraswati Day at their school.


Saraswati day consist of several celebrations. The day before Saraswati day called Pangredanan (preparing a celebration of Saraswati Day. In this day, all books are collected  Saraswati Day is a main celebration. The day after is called Banyu Pinaruh.  Two days after (Monday) called Soma Ribek. Three days after called Sabuh Mas and finally the four days after called Pagerwesi.

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