Nyepi Day ( The Silent Day )

Hari Raya Nyepi or Silent Day is Hindhu’s new year / tahun caka celebration. Hindu’s in Bali has a unique activity to celebrate their new year. No party, no fireworks but contrary, there are no activities in that day. No human activities, no lights, no fire, no traffics on the road. Event there are no flights in the airport Ngurah Rai Bali. Why ?
Balinese believes that in that day, gods in center of the ocean bring an Amerta Water, the essence of life. In Nyepi day, balinese doing “Catur Brata Penyepian” consist of not using a fire/ no fire, not doing any activities , no traveling, no entertainment. Catur Brata Penyepian starting before sunrise (one day) until the next day.
Nyepi Day is actually part of series of larger celebration. There are :
1. Melasti
Also called Melasti melis or mekiyis aims to destroy all kinds of lewdness thought, word and deed, and to obtain holy water (Tirta Amerta). The ceremony can be done in the sea, lakes, and the source / of the purified water.
2. Tawur
“Tawur” ceremony aims to cleanse and restore the balance of universe and human environtment. This ceremony is performed on sandikala (morning, noon, afternoon). This ceremony is also performed by “Ogoh-ogoh festival.
4. Nyepi
The main ceremonial of Nyepi Day.
5. Ngembak Geni.
Is Dharma Santi ceremonial. Balinese visit their kin/family.


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